Friday, February 6, 2009

Failure 101

Being an idealist means there are plenty of un-glorious things I can glorify in my mind, but failure is one thing in which I find little spectacle or artistry. When I see failure for what it is, I see the whole range of badness-- of humanity-- in me. I fail to fulfill the holy purpose to which I was called. I know, at the most fundamental level, I am not nor ever will be enough.

Jesus draws us from ourselves, He really does. How can we see things as they truly are but by stepping back from the world we've wrecklessly created (a child's block castle next to God's marble palace!) to see just how much orientation in reality we need. Reality is truth. Truth is the Word of God. And though we fail again and again, His Word continues to redeem and set us once more at His blessed side.