Monday, July 26, 2010

Everything is an Innuendo

I'm telling you, you can't say anything but it means something else! This is something I've observed over the past five years, and just now feel the need to express.

So many weird-sounding words or phrases have been taken and perverted into something they didn't used to be or mean. It's always slightly embarrassing when the innocent (or some would say naive) people--like me--say or hear something that everyone within earshot shies away at except for them. They say, instead, "I don't even know what you're talking about! What is that supposed to mean?" Inevitably, someone explains. Eventually, anyway.

I continue my education in American slang with no small amount of puzzlement or distaste.

P.S. There is a fly in here. Fun fact: a good way to kill flies is to slowly fan the air with your hand in the direction of the fly so it will become accustomed to the currents. Then, after fanning above/beside it a few times, just come down all the way--SMACK! It's wonderfully fulfilling.

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