Friday, September 28, 2012

Writing Blog WIN

Dear friends,

I now have an official writing blog! Now my many fans (c'mon, I know you're out there, right? ...Right? *cricket cricket*) can follow my writing news, and even see a beautiful graphical illustration of where I am in my various projects! My dear husband Chris designed the site, and it looks great. So give him a big high-five when you see him.

Some of you have expressed interest in reading my writing, and today I've created a way for you to do so for the low, low price of free! Free things are always awesome. But before I go on a rabbit trail about how much I like free things, here is the introductory post about what I'm talking about, stolen from off my writing blog:

Hey, kids,

Well, my plans for my full-length fantasy novel have taken some twists and turns, which has been more than a bit stressful. Nothing like a good ol' dose of feeling-like-a-total-noob right before sending your first query letter to an agent. So, today I took a short break from anything related to that project. Instead, I started writing something strictly for my relaxation and your enjoyment.

"Bloodlines of Epheria" is a fantasy serial that I will publish on my blog. Check back frequently to read the next installment, and by all means, leave your feedback! I love interacting with people about story.
Hope you enjoy the first installment. Happy reading!

 So, I hope you'll check out my "official website," and perhaps read the serial that I started writing tonight, just for fun. As always, thanks for reading. :)


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