Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kids, don't do this at home. Seriously.

Another incident proving the grace and goodness of God:

I left my keys in the lock last night, all night. I'm grateful nothing happened.

Another incident proving the power of words:

Goodbyes, no matter how "inconsequential," should never be made in anger or frustration, without a sincere, "I love you." A shoutout in the presence of the blogospherians to the keeper of my heart: Christopher Krycho, I love you!

In conclusion, leaving keys and leaving angry are pains that I be-leave we must a-leave-iate. I'll leave you with that.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It was wide open, and I had to do it!
But, dear reader, if you had an inkling of the extent of my weirdness, this probably didn't catch you off guard.

Stay hopeful!

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  1. didn't catch me off guard. Missy what were you thinking??? If that was me Marcus would have my head hanging over me for as long as the sun was over me that day.
    I leave angry a lot. It's a lot worse when you are in a hurry and don't have time to show you are angry, but even if you fake it the sign other can tell. And then well...preaching to the choir. An I love you text makes it all better after a walk.


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