Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Okay, Yes, I Did it Again...

Another nerdy Wheel of Time video. Because the idea was just too fun to pass up.


  1. awwwwww! love it!!!

  2. Glad i stumbled from twitter to here. Nice work. Pretty much captured what I imagine a disney take on Nynaeve and Lan would be...course you managed it without an awful cutest woodland creature sidekick so +2 internets for that ;) annnnnyways, keep up the good work. Next: tuon and mat..

  3. Abi, so glad you like it! And Ominousicity, thanks for listening and for the comment/follow! There were a few squirrels around that I could've recruited for the woodland sidekick job, but they didn't seem too interested....

    Tuon and Mat! Haha! Yes! Someone who could pull off a Seanchan accent should take a stab at that one, though!

  4. Bloody, and bloody ashes! That was good! Got really an impression of Nynaeve pouting

  5. Thanks, Yavannilde! I absolutely love Nynaeve. She's my favorite female character, for sure.


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