Sunday, March 7, 2010

Humbled. Dangit.

Funny quote of the day!

Katie: "How can the CDC website be down?!"
PJ: "It has a virus!"


Hello, everyone.

I've been a bit lax at updating this thing lately.

These last few weeks have been strange: they've been a test of humility and patience and trust for me.

First of all, it's that time of the semester when all my professors assign papers and midterms simultaneously. Though my junior year has been relatively easy (compared to physics majors, for example), there's a lot to do.

As much as I joy in writing stories, they take awhile, and the word count is starting to rise--which is, though nerdily exhilarating, a bit overwhelming in light of the other things that need to be completed. I took my first stab at a crime story this week, which I not only turned in 3 days late, but was told that I didn't write correctly.

The week before, I received a paper at the beginning of Book of Western Civilization II class with a grade that made me grumpy. At the end of that same class, I received back a paper...with another grade that made me grumpy. You must understand, as a writer and an anal type-A must-get-an-A student, this was way discouraging for me.

I also skipped class one Monday (shocking for me, I know) because I was getting sick, and just happened to miss the one class of Honors Understanding Drama (1000 level) where a handout explaining a future assignment was distributed. So I did the assignment wrong!

Needless to say, I was frustrated at myself and confused about what God was doing.

I am no longer frustrated at myself, though I'm still confused about what God is doing. I guess I don't need to know, as much as I'd like to. If nothing else, I'm learning--what else can I do?--that my worth does not come from accomplishment.

It's amazing what side lessons you can learn at school.


  1. Learning to have grace for ourselves is one of those really tough things to get. At least for me, it's a life-long lesson. Maybe you'll be a faster study at it than me. ;) Love you, daughter-of-my-heart!

  2. This was a hard lesson I had to learn myself, and for me, it actually came in a few seperate stages (oh my). Still, I think it is a good lesson.

    P.S. - Great title. :)


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