Friday, March 26, 2010

Transparencies, Second Part

I've discovered that, often, I can't take the same jokes I dish out.
That is something I'd like to change, and acceptance is the first step to recovery, right?

For example, Chris has been teasing me since he recently discovered I find Robert Downey, Jr. attractive.

 Here he is.

I poked fun back at Chris today. He benignly pointed out that if he were to rib me about an actress he found attractive, it would make me annoyed, pouty, or (depending on how the day had gone) mad.

Objectively, that's amusing, in a self-aware kind of way. However, I know that the small things that bother me diagnose underlying fears.

Jokes go a long way in unearthing insecurities and communicating messages for people to misinterpret as whatever they most dread to hear.

I'm not a proponent of "just getting over it." Proverbs 12:18 accurately states that "reckless words pierce like a sword." However, there must be some balance between utter apathy and deep hurt. As I've said before, black-and-white people like me don't take kindly to middle ground!

If you figure out what the balance is, dear reader, do let me  know. Once again, I encourage telepathic responses.

P.S. Chris, I love you...and you're hot.


  1. Chris sort of looks like Robert Downing Jr., in a way...
    I need to have you guys over for dinner sometime again soon.

  2. I have the same problems. I dish it out but I can't take it. ( I can sometimes, but after a point its like nope, no more). I agree that reckless words pierce like a sword! So true.

  3. 1) Robert Downey Jr. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes a hundred million times Yes.

    2) Don't tell Nick.

    3) It's hard to balance jokes and such. In agreement. I love jokes but I'm always afraid of towing the line. Not with Nick usually.

  4. Your P.S. is perfect.

    I was always told to grow a thicker skin. Eventually I did or I just stand awkwardly and uncomfortably, unable to process or express my hurts or even make a comeback (like Kathleen in You've Got Mail). Sometimes it works well because it acts like a starship's shields, but I'm not always convinced this is such a good thing.

  5. If it makes you feel any better, Kerry and I have had similar discourse. For example, we watch the TV show Castle. The rules are: it's okay for her to say Nathan Fillian is handsome, or good looking (or whatever the adjective). But, if I were to comment on Stana Katic being a really attractive woman, it'd be all over - I'd be sleeping in the doghouse 'til who knows when.
    - Just so you know.


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