Friday, June 8, 2012

Better Days

I am happy to announce that these past 2-3 days have been significantly better, and all I can say is thank God, and thank you for your much-felt prayers!

I've been able to find much more joy in Elayne and her infant antics, even in the wee hours of morning. Much of this is because I've been intentional in meditating on God's perspective of children. The Bible says children are a blessing from the Lord. It also says that we are his children, so in taking care of Elayne, I can get to know God and his perspective and care for me more truly and deeply. That's very encouraging. I've often asked myself how I'm going to "do ministry"with a small child, "ministry" existing in a tight box that I've constructed over my college years. However, my spirit was lifted when I realized that if I get to know God better through raising Elayne, I will inevitably serve him more wholeheartedly. As we see God more clearly, we become more like him, and that cannot be constricted to just a few areas of life. It'll spill over into everything, praise him!

 In addition to all that, I've been able to carve out some time for reading in the afternoon (my quiet time, and maybe some of Shepherding a Child's Heart) and before bed (Wheel of Time book 5 re-read, baby!). The addition of these very regular and encouraging activities gives me hope that Chris and I can discover our "new normal" sometime soon.

In other news, I'm trying to decide whether or not to attend the Wordsmithy writing conference August 2-4. Chris pointed it out to me and said we can make it happen, if I want to go. It sounds great, but I'm quite insecure about my writing at the moment. Not that I think it's not good or anything, but it's been a bit long since I've sat down and worked on the second draft of my novel with any consistency. Indeed, I let it go to the wayside during my first trimester (understandably - I pretty much slept any time I wasn't working or trying to keep the nausea down) and haven't picked it up since. So, we'll see. The idea of a writing conference has always both excited and intimidated me, so it's not a surprise that I'm jumping on the excuses for why it would be inappropriate or whatever for me to go.

More later, dear reader.


  1. Yay, yay yay yay yay!! You should go. If you can, you should, if nothing else to refine your skills. I wanted to go to one so badly this year, but the best one for my audience is out in Colorado, so next Spring it is.

    If you have the opportunity, take it! It won't be perfect, and that's OK. That's what your mother-in-law is for (lol). If anything, having a deadline and pursuing a dream will help you even more return to your 'new normal.' You can do it, Jaimie!

    And thank you for this, immensely. I've been thinking about ministry and family lately and wondering if God was going to make me pick between the two-- either you minister as a stay at home mom or minister as a writer, that's it. You've just joined the ranks of women who have given me hope that my life can consist of marriage and manuscripts ;)

    I am waxing poetic today, sorry :)

  2. Wonderful to hear! I keep thinking about you, but I'm concerned that calling would be obtrusive (I would, of course, call when you're asleep no doubt).

    So glad you're getting to read, too. And that's really cool about the conference. (Yay, Chris!) Something to think about, for sure! The two I went to (ACW and OWFI) were fun. Larger was actually better.


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