Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A song of new colors and heavyhearted hope.

by Jaimie Krycho

May 5, 2010

v. 1
The creation of a new world
Is coming into bloom
One palette of color fading
Delicate, dissolving painting

Who can keep a dream so closely?
It's a paltry, faithless thing
Just like springtime speeding past,
Miss the landscape driving fast.

And I
Pray you open up the sky--
There's a permanence in sunset
That helps me say goodbye!

They're watercolors, all of them--
I'm terrified to tear the page away
There's passion and there's providence
And fire burning in my soul
Without these colors, how can I be whole?

v. 2
Introduction to a new home
Holds echoes of the lost
Wander through the silent hallways
They will be abandoned always

Then there's sunshine in the open
Fields of yellow, purple, gold
Little buds and bright blue water
Given to your princess-daughter!

And I
Pray you break the rule of time
Lock away the chest of yearning
Let the jewel of life be mine!

Chorus . . . 


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