Thursday, May 13, 2010

This song is because I love the Word of God!

You Speak
by Jaimie Krycho

May 13, 2010

v. 1
There is life in your Word,
It’s a sword with a double-edge
It judges me

So I’ll meditate here
Feeling nothing, but still you move
When I can’t see

You are sovereign, glory like a storm
So your whispers hold that power
Released within my heart!

You speak, I know
And though I don’t hear you I sing
Praise to your name

My faith will grow
Though I only know you in part
You change me the same

You change me the same

v. 2
I depend on the Vine
I’m a branch, I can’t see the whole--
You’re holding on
To me

I am safe in your hand—
Praise you, Father, your space is broad
Where we are free!

You are mighty, glory like the sun
You are ever-present here
You make the darkness run!

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