Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not-so-happy Mail

Chelsea to me at Homeland: "I love going grocery shopping with fellow penny pinchers."


Happy 100th post, Refining Process! I have just added you to the long list of inanimate objects I speak to!

Hi, dear reader. I received one of my short stories back today, the one my professor Mel said he thought had a high chance of getting published. He joked that there is no justice in the world if it didn't.

The story was rejected. I summarily sent Mel an email saying there must not be any justice in the world.

I happily acknowledge that errs a little on the melodramatic side. I am truly disappointed, though. I just got back from lunch with Karen where I was gushing about how much I love to write. During the drive home, I chewed on some wonderful, colorful plot ideas and was ready to hop onto the couch and start typing furiously.

Unfortunately, I blow such big bubbles that it doesn't take much to burst them! I'll keep writing and writing, because that's what I do, but I need to take an hour to recover from the keen letdown of someone rejecting the thing I poured my heart into.

Hey, is that how guys feel when they're turned down for a date?


  1. It varies from guy to guy and depends on how much emotional investment he has in the friendship. Consequently, it is not easy to categorize. Generally, disappointment is a universal experience, so I imagine it's not too far of a stretch to put yourself in a guy's shoes regarding that particular situation.
    Thanks for the post! You can tell Chelsea that I would like shopping with penny pinchers too if I actually liked shopping.

  2. Usually worse. Those rejections are most often face to face.


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