Friday, June 11, 2010

Weird Whales, Weird World

"'Weird' is a weird word!"   - me, to Chelsea


Chris, Chelsea (a friend staying with us for awhile) and I watched a few episodes of "Planet Earth" (on blu-ray! Bam!) yesterday night, and I was crying out with surprise and delight the entire time, like a little child.

No wonder so many kids are fascinated with whales, lions, elephants...they are COOL! My childhood friends and I would see pictures of deep-sea fish with glowing lures and graceful dolphins in perfect dance and declare that we wanted to be oceanographers. Kids possess the subconscious knowledge that Creation is truly awe-inspiring.

Think about it! There is blue-grey mammal the weight of a 747, larger than the largest dinosaur ever was, just swimming around in the water--the water!--and it eats tiny krill instead of other big fish, like we might expect! Not to mention the gargantuan thing can jump out of the water.

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And, how weird is an elephant? It's huge, and wrinkly, and it stomps around heavily and has a really long random nose-thing that can squirt water--I don't know about you, but I can't squirt water out of my nose--and it makes the strangest noise: Wa-iiiiih!

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Come now. Give me credit for trying. :) In any case, God intended it to make that noise in a trumpeting forte.

In the bizarre, in the varied, God's creativity shines forth and shows him once again, in yet another way, absolutely glorious.

If you get the chance, watch "Planet Earth" (maybe even on blu-ray! Bam!) Prepare to be amazed, and to feel like a kid again.

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