Saturday, January 2, 2010

Contemplations of a Young Wife, Seventh Part

I know you'll like this post. Almost everyone will, because the topic is BABIES!

Now, now, before you jump to conclusions, I am not least, not that I'm aware of. Blame my suspicions on Beth Krycho, my very fantastic sister-in-law. A few days ago, the Krycho Clan (Klan?) were staying in a chalet in Monarch, relaxing after two days of skiing. I was feeling very sick--nauseated, which I was pretty sure wasn't a function of having eaten trail mix and mini-Snickers--and didn't have a clue why.

Beth suggested, based on a few other things going on with me, that I might be pregnant. We giggled about it for awhile, but it got me thinking.

What if Chris and I are that 1% couple? Despite human effort, God will do what He will do, and it's entirely possible that He will grant a child to a couple who think it impossible.

Chris and I have discussed our opinions on children even before we were engaged--an important thing for a person to know about the person they intend to marry. I will never forget what Chris said: he didn't like children being referred to as "accidents."

Not that there is any condemnation there. I've said it many times myself. But it raises the question of our attitude toward such a huge life-change. An "accident" connotes a mistake of some sort, which I disagree with. It also connotes the element of surprise, which I obviously must agree with.

As a new wife, you can bet your bottom dollar that I've thought about motherhood, and the possibility of it happening earlier than expected or planned, as it were. We've decided that no matter what...even if God chooses to never give us children.......Chris and I will rejoice in the doings of the Lord who has beautifully thrown us into this adventure called marriage.


  1. Great thoughts on this topic! I agree!

  2. Jane was a 'surprise', a rather huge 'surprise' but the best and most wonderful surprise I have ever been blessed with. Were we thrilled when we found out? Not exactly, I cried for an hour. But I couldn't be happier now. She is the best!

    Haha. She is our love child. (We will call her that when she is our teenager, to embarrass her, by poor baby--she has her daddy and I as parents) :P But I like that she was made like that and not exactly planned. :)


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