Thursday, January 7, 2010

C.S. Lewis said we weren't made for here, and he's right.

Heaven is a nice thing to think about. We all have some preconceived idea of Heaven, whether from a children's book or a depiction at church or the Bible.

Today, while curled up the left corner of our long couch,I began to contemplate Heaven, and found myself experiencing an emotion I didn't expect: startlement.

Does the mind-blowing concept of eternity ever scare you? To be honest, it made me squirm quite a bit. I knew that was inappropriate, if you will, but I had to walk further in order to catch a glimpse of why. So, stop your bumper-to-bumper traffic of cares for a moment and think about what eternity actually means.

Those in Heaven will live forever. FOREVER. How...? It seem so...I don't know!
When I'm at a loss for words in a blog post, dear reader, you know this is unresolved and still bouncing around in my brain.

When talking to Chris about this (big surprise, right? ;-)), he mentioned that many people feel like there needs to be an end. Perhaps, that's because we only know this world and its imperfections. Even the good things here are weak reflections of what good really is, so we may have an innate desire to see it reach a conclusion at some point, like a good book that can't go on.

However, Heaven's not like here. That is probably not news to you, but it allays my own discomfort--and, at the risk of someone judging me "a bad Christian"--fear. A Christian's everlasting life there will be amazing, and so amazing that we won't desire it to end! There's no point in my trying to hold my idea of Heaven up to an earthly standard. I won't know fully while on this earth, so time to sit back and enjoy the most perfect hope there is.

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